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    Hi,Goodbye 專輯封面

    歌名Hi,Goodbye 歌手名 黃奕儒Ezu

    作詞 黃奕儒
    作曲 黃奕儒
    編曲 黃奕儒


    You brought me sorrow, and I traded you pain 妳帶來哀傷,和我交換痛苦 I listened to your tears as you heard me do the same 當我聽見妳掉淚,妳也聽著我哭 At least it’s comforting to know our similarities remain 欣慰的是,我們仍有相同之處吧 Not just foul words from dirty mouths anyway 不只是重複上演的爭執,和口中一模一樣的髒話 It’s funny 'cause I’m missing all those sparks 有趣的是,我想念我們曾擦出的點滴 it’s screwed up sometimes , but I think it was worthy of that 或許有時搞砸了,但我想那終究會值得 You set my heart on fire , in that best summertime 在那最美好的夏天,妳一把燃燒了我的心 I found the whole world, in your arms and your smiling eyes 在妳的雙眼和懷抱裡,我找到了全世界 oh when you said Hi, Hi and I said Hi, Hi 當妳說“嗨嗨” 我也說“嗨嗨” oh when you said Hi, Hi you take me so high high 當妳說“嗨嗨” 帶我飛了起來 oh wherever you go, I will just remember you the same 無論最後妳去了哪裡,我會永遠記得一樣的妳 I hope it’ll be better and we will meet someday 期待這一切好轉,也期待再次遇見妳 clean up all the mess, see your shadows no more 收拾所有混亂,不再受妳的影子糾纏 now I’m finally at ease, but it’s still not easy to handle 現在我能釋懷,但情感依然難以掌控 Won’t ever find a girl, a girl like you anymore 不會再找個像妳一樣的女孩,因為不管如何.. 'Cause there’s no way to replay this sweet and crazy love 都不可能再重現這般甜美又瘋狂的愛 I really hope it that way…Hum.. 我衷心期望如此 I hope it’ll be better and we will meet someday. 期待這一切好轉,也期待再次遇見妳


    專輯名 Hi,Goodbye
    歌手名 黃奕儒Ezu
    發行日 2016-08-03