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    Gunjou Biyori -Ideal Days For Ultramarine- 專輯封面

    歌名Kao -Faces- 歌手名 東京事變



    作詞:椎名林檎 作曲:晝海幹音 I think I only love your profile and I yours you look nice from the side Were I you I would have said something better like what I can find nothing to say "Try to search for" You don't know me 'cause you do not know yourself Neither do you look at yourself "Try to search for my face of truth" So we touch each other strongly after slight inquiry and play our Trump card and scar ourselves for life we are so fine that is exactly what we have really wanted I know you better than you know yourself That's not possible after all I've never known you "Try to show me your face of truth" When I want to put my detector deep inside you just as now You shut off the one way in then hide it away just as now What's more when you want to go out I want to stay home and vice versa "Lovely" You know my profile better than I do I imagine and vice versa I know your profile better than you I promise and vice versa But you'll you never see my front I'll never see your face And I'll never see your front you'll never see my face