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    O.S.C.A. 專輯封面

    歌名Kaban No Nakami -Crosswalk- 歌手名 東京事變



    I've got all these things packed in my bag And what's inside here is a secret I won't share They'd embarrass me so please don't ask If I were dying, they'd be personal effects Stepping out today My bag it seems to weigh a lot But still I try to pay my way To far away Half my body screams I always try my very best To bring you everything you'd want It may be for me I'm into who you are I know it's true, oh so true Deep inside my heart No need to play, plead, explain Pointless things just put strain on my back I'll pack regard for you down in my bag alone If a car should hit me as I cross There'll be no keepsakes to embarrass me again


    專輯名 O.S.C.A.
    歌手名 東京事變
    發行日 2016-08-22