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    Kinda Fallen 專輯封面

    歌名Homesick Song 歌手名 Aurora


    Being what you are and such a marvellous boy The subtlety of your love is what I enjoy Without you here I feel slightly bereft But you’re back in the country that I left And to my little sister how I wish you were here Without your constant contact I think I’d simply disappear You and your love are always on my mind But your back with my brother in the place I left behind And to my mother how I wish we could speak Without your support my life often feels bleak It’s sad for me writing this because I know it’s true You’d rather have me back home, there with you And to my father I just really miss you You’ve been my guiding light all the way through You’re the nicest person I’ve ever known And I wish I could be with you back home But just so you know I’m as happy as can be The only thing that would be better is if you were here with me


    專輯名 Kinda Fallen
    歌手名 Aurora
    發行日 2016-12-28