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    Perception 專輯封面

    歌名You're Special 歌手名 NF



    Yeah, you, baby, you You're something special Baby, I know I know what you're thinkin' Maybe, maybe, I'm wasting your time But I promise, but I promise I know that I go back and forth But I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't let you down Yeah I meant it when I told you I would change Meant it when I told you I would stay Sick of talkin' on the phone, babe Time to pack your car and come to my state Come to my place, look at my face, oh, yeah You know I ain't playin' I sent you some money, yeah, hop in the car And get on the road, here we go Baby, I can't lie I'm a little bit, I'm a little bit scared right now, girl, girl, yeah You said you want more And I can't blame you for Askin' me for somethin' you deserve [Chorus] You're special Yo-yo-you're special Oh yeah, you're special Yo-yo-you're special Yeah, I knew it, you was my type We ain't gotta skip to the highlight You're the highlight, girl, of my life (woo) Both of us have got a past, but it's alright All night car rides Drivin' through the city, yeah, the view's fantastic It's automatic, could see you smile, gotta have it She got me thinkin' maybe I'ma have to put a ring on it, girl I ain't never been a romantic, but I can romance ya Get your shoes on, baby, I am not asking I'm 'bout to take you out to dinner, put the black dress on Got the room gaspin', how did this happen? I don't even know She's the type to sing my words at the show She's the type to pick me up when I'm low And remind me she got my back, no matter what Yeah, I think she hearin' me now Say what I think, so I'm thinkin' out loud I need a woman I know I can trust, and I got one I guess you can say that she down Callin' my phone, and she told me she proud She said my name and I like how that sounds, oh, yeah (I like that) I like how this sounds (Baby, I—yeah) Baby, don't make me lose myself Baby, I need somebody I know I can trust (Yeah) I mean, I'm being honest I ain't ever met a girl like you (No) Baby, you can call me You can call me anytime You can call me any day, anytime You know I'ma answer I won't let you, I won't let you down, yeah You said you want more And I can't blame you for Askin' me for somethin' you deserve (You deserve it) You're special, yeah Yo-yo-you're special I said, girl, I said, you're special I said, you're special


    專輯名 Perception
    歌手名 NF
    發行日 2017-10-06