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    逆輸入~航空局~ 專輯封面

    歌名大人的法則 (Doughnuts Hole(松隆子、満島光、高橋一生、松田龍平) / 數位單曲) 歌手名 椎名林檎

    作詞 椎名林檎
    作曲 椎名林檎


    作詞:椎名林檎 作曲:椎名林檎 Sighs in the blackest black abiding, as soon as one dies, one is rising with the night so dark and cold, the wishes I make are swallowed up and hidden away Breath of the whitest white is what I most with to say down deep now inside Can a voice so numb and cold have some song to sing? It could be false, or reality The things I like, or hate, or things I want to gain Whatever's feeling good is what my lines would say For setting off the black from white, it'd work perfectly Though like a chant of ruination it'd be Why did I think that since I'd studied the latest schoolbook I'd know clearly What's right from what's wrong, and which is which one, that I could choose, I could really know? I live according to stage-right, stage-left, exit Improvisation's not been in my bag of tricks So much of what I want to say pours out noisily But never when you're not here alone with me What I know that I hold in my hands I want to set free, think of how much lighter you and I would feel then Every word, every wall, every curse and sparing nothing, strip it, take it all away to once again see eye to eye The things I like, or hate, or things I want, expect, Though if I let them out, I think, what happens next? Well, setting off the white from black is fearful indeed It's even more so when you live honestly This life is long, so long, the world is wide, I say, And when we've freedom won, it all becomes one gray Yes, happiness, unhappiness, it's only the heart That knows no quietude that makes itself known While an adult can keep a secret alone


    專輯名 逆輸入~航空局~
    歌手名 椎名林檎
    發行日 2017-12-06