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    逆輸入~航空局~ 專輯封面

    歌名欲見其盡 (石川小百合 / 專輯「X–CrossII–」) 歌手名 椎名林檎

    作詞 椎名林檎
    作曲 椎名林檎


    作詞:椎名林檎 作曲:椎名林檎 I will cross that mountain high and reach the side that is not clear here What is waiting who can know and I don't know, I've got to find out there You take your steps, you stop and look but you can't seem to move much ahead So why don't you give in to wild instinct to begin running free Maybe start running free I will cross another wave and reach a shore I can't be sure of All alone, what can it mean, I can't resist and must learn what it seems You swim and swim, float on your back but still never can quite catch your breath So why don't you toss all this sentiment immersed in memory Maybe start sailing free I do not think there was ever a single thing to lose I will cross over this life and reach the side that no one knows here Oh, a heart with no more tears is like an end, an end without an end I must find it there