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    Watashi To Hoden 專輯封面

    歌名Karisome Otome -\"Temporary\" Virgin- (Hitokuchizaka Version) 歌手名 椎名林檎


    Hey wait I think you feel what I say I think they're calling for rain Look at the signs, Don't leave with an empty hand I can't stand to think That you'll be swept up again So see, smell, touch, feel, listen I can't say enough, Just trust in yourself to know When I see your eyes And the darkness drift inside You always blame the air And the pressure building there And always we forget Remember how it used to be Remember life as free And if your hands can't bear the load, Get wet and come back home Hey look, look and see I think you hear what you need The rain beats loud as can be Where does it fall And where does it fall away? Hold on to your voice, The noise never leaves it alone Don't let your senses go dry You are your why, Just trust in yourself to know When I see your eyes And the tears, the fire inside You always blame the world And the times we're living through And always we neglect Remember how you played with fire Remember times before So if you choose to fight for life Stand up and say your name So with your pain, so with your night So deep you can't recall So with your dreams, so with your life So high they never fall Go out, go out and when the wild The Rain has made it through I'll come and meet you wherever you walk Just don't mistake where you are