What Would Meek Do? (feat. Kanye West)

What Would Meek Do? (feat. Kanye West)

Pusha T



Niggas talkin' shit, Push—how do you respond? I'm top five and all of them Dylan I am the hope, the dope dealers won Price and the quote, the dope dealers want Feds takin' pictures like it's GQ (GQ) This Avianne collarbone is see-through Angel on my shoulder, "What should we do?" (we do) Devil on the other, "What would Meek do?" Pop a wheelie, tell the judge to Akinyele Middle fingers out the Ghost, screamin' "Makaveli" (come with me) Hail Mary, the scale fairy Two sides to every coin so we bail ready (bail ready) How do you respond? I let the monies and the fools talk I let the jewels and the hues talk Watch face came with a fuse box (fuse box) Chanel's on ya bitch The coupe is 320, the roof's hit or miss Murder on the highway, the news is at six See, I did it my way, the proof's in the bricks Eghck! Smell it through the Tupperware (Tupperware) Two can get you four like a double dare (woo!) I'm the king of the oven-ware (oven-ware) You can piece the whole puzzle here Niggas talkin' shit, 'Ye—how do you respond? Poop, scoop! Whoop! Whoopty-whoop! Am I too complex for ComplexCon? Everything Ye say cause a new debate "You see, he been out of touch, he cannot relate His hallway too long, bitch too bad Got a surrogate, his kid get two dads" I be thinkin', "What would 2Pac do?" You be thinkin' what New Kids on the Block do If you ain't drivin' while Black, do they stop you? Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru? That phone call from Ricky still hazy When heaven got an angel named Avery You gotta watch who you callin' crazy Yeezy, the newest billion-dollar baby It won't feel right 'til I feel like Phil Knight Goin' for six rings like what Phil told Mike Seven pill nights, who know what that feel like? No more hidin' the scars, I show 'em like Seal, right? How do you respond?



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