We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift



Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer





Taylor Swift/Max Martin/Shellback


Taylor Swift/Max Martin/Shellback

I was dumped by Jake Gyllenhaal, last year So I bought this hipster voodoo doll, with a beard I stab him here right in his Gyllen balls, Still he won't return my calls, why? I'm calling just to say that I've moved on, with my life This will be the last time that I call, tonight Do you mind if I sleep on your lawn I say, I love you, we hates him, the precious, Smeagol Oohoo oohoo oohoo One side of me gets the hint but Pttpttpttpttptt This side is ogidy, ogidy, ogidy We were never ever ever ever, actually together Sweety remember-member-member, smoking crack together We ate chalk and did bath salts and had sex with a tree Um we have never ever ever, done any of that together Like, we sort of did My stuffed animals totally remember it Yeah I remember that, me too I swallowd a whole bottle of these pills, flintstones These voices in my head feel like a drill, Gollum He's telling me that we have to kill, your mom But I can't seem to trigger this bomb Mmmmmmmmm I can't hear you through the gag Oohoo oohoo oohoo Looks like, I just need a new battery She can never ever ever, be put back together Now he, will never ever ever, give me back my sweater I moved on and soon I'm gonna be a Kennedy, yippie! Their family curse gets worse and worse with every century They got shot, his plane got lost and this one's dating me If he ever dumped me ever He will be dismembered My precious
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