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    reputation (Big Machine Radio Release Special) 專輯封面

    歌名Don't Blame Me (Commentary) 歌手名 Taylor Swift

    作詞 Becca Walls
    作曲 Becca Walls


    November 10th, 2017 That's when Taylor Swift delivered her 6th studio album And I know we were all waiting to find out How is she going to top 1989? And did she ever Hi, this Jordan and I'm from Maryland I just wanna talk 'bout how crazy it is That reputation is a year old And just how great an album it is It's great to hear that Taylor's doing better than she ever was And it was just such an awesome tour She deserved all the awards she got at the AMA's Thanks for the call Jordan Yeah, I cannot believe That it's already been a year Since reputation has been out I mean, it's hard to believe that her tour Is already over in North America I know she still has some overseas dates left But, it was an incredible tour And we love having people call-in And tell us your favorite moments from the tour And your favorite songs off the album Hi, I'm Teya Uhm, my favorite moment from the Reputation Tour Is anytime she's introducing a song She always thinks that no one's gonna know the words She's just extremely surprised To hear everyone singing back And, it's just, such, a kind of Wholesome moment To see that this girl Who's been singing, performing since she was 16 Still is surprised that We've loved her for as long as we have And, she's just really amazing Yeah, I remember talking to Taylor Several years ago And she was always blown away by the fact That her fans took the time To memorize every single song on the album Before they came to see her on tour Especially, when her albums were fairly new And it wasn't just the songs that they were hearing on the radio It was all of the songs And you know this next one Is one that she has not released as a single yet But, hah, I know the entire Nissan Stadium Here in Nashville, will sing along Every single word This is "Don't Blame Me" On Big Machine Radio