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    Lost & Found 專輯封面

    歌名Wolves 歌手名 James 楊永聰



    Hinges creak, they can't take much more, Wood it splinters, I hear them at the walls, I hold you close, while you shake in fear, As our last few moments draw near. Lord lend me courage in this fight to come, And steel my heart when we're overrun, Even though our only hope's forlorn, Lord send me the bravery to go on. As wolves and daemons pound against our door, We stoke these flames in readiness for this war, It's love, this is love, Love, this is love we are fighting for, It's love, yes it's love, Love, this is love, it's worth dying for. You start to scream as hands come through the floor; My heart sinks as they break in through the walls; I'm so scared that I can hardly breathe, The darkness surrounds us as they pull your hands from me. And as the flames grow, the flames grow, the flames grow higher, Our last chance, our last hope, we jump into the fire


    專輯名 Lost & Found
    歌手名 James 楊永聰
    發行日 2018-12-13