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    Lost & Found 專輯封面

    歌名Rotting 歌手名 James 楊永聰



    I've been shielding my possessions from the ever-pouring rain, God damn these city streets, I've been worn-down in their grain, I've been chasing warm magenta in this world so colourless, I've been taking in the graces of your complete incompleteness. And somewhere in the darkness, there's a small glow, Blow the embers darling watch this flame grow, We'll raze their hopes and dreams to the ground, Let's burn these castles down. I've been sitting lonely on the roof, the rain has been tumbling down, Hear the rolling thunder rumbling way off over town, I've been sitting slowly rotting from the wet in this sodden air, Never able to get dry, I'm stuck fast, I'm going nowhere. I was taking my possessions from the old ladies next door, In the twilight of their winter years, they don't need them much no more, I've been closer, closer to the edge, it's been brinkmanship at its best, I've given them everything I've got, but they've given me fuck all back


    專輯名 Lost & Found
    歌手名 James 楊永聰
    發行日 2018-12-13