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    Lost & Found 專輯封面

    歌名Silently Violently 歌手名 James 楊永聰



    Time whispers so softly, On still waters you drift to me, Winds blow so gently, Your little boat sails on toward me, Oh, I love you, This is love. I wait so quietly, Not a sound will come from me, But time moved so swiftly, Oh, the currents, they dragged you from me. Oh, I loved you, This was love, And so silently, violently, You were ripped from me, Oh so silently, violently, How I long for thee, This is love, it's still love. Oh, I love you, This is love.


    專輯名 Lost & Found
    歌手名 James 楊永聰
    發行日 2018-12-13