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    CASSA NOVA 專輯封面

    歌名Summum Bonum 歌手名 落日飛車

    作詞 曾國宏
    作曲 曾國宏


    Summum Bonum, Met you last summer, We were just friends that time. Summum Bonum, Maybe it was winter, Feelings just showed that night. Summum Bonum, I knew it’s future, Good thing had gone so fast. Summum Bonum, You said it’s nature, Nothing is ever lasts. I know, I know why, Why you leave me baby, Don’t leave me behind again. I can’t hear your answer through the air, I won’t cry, At least I tried. Feeling alone again, Love is the losing game, The game I should never play. All the good time we had, Nothing would be the same. Now I’m the lonely man, Naturally once again. Dream all the time, Dream all the time, I hold your hand everyday, You tell me not to worry again, Together go home, Summum bonum is good time with you and I. Have no place to go, Cause I love you so, Don’t let me fall, Yeah, baby I pray for the future, May the grace in your nature, Make you come home Summum bonum is good time with you and I Have a place to go, If you love me so, You could have it all. But I know it’s gonna be the future, All you would say: “it’s nature.” You never come home, Summum bonum was good time with you.


    專輯名 CASSA NOVA
    歌手名 落日飛車
    發行日 2018-03-14