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    CASSA NOVA 專輯封面

    歌名Libidream 歌手名 落日飛車

    作詞 曾國宏
    作曲 曾國宏


    A thousand years go by, Watching everything goes by, Waiting for tears in your eyes, Falling from the sky. It’s calling when I Falling into you, Said you living in the zoo. We are all waiting for the moon, Rising in the air. Let me be there for you, for you. Releasing fears in your mind, It’s got to be oh now or never. Head on the sky, Lovers give up their minds. Dreamers take your time. I live in the libidream, could never wake up.


    專輯名 CASSA NOVA
    歌手名 落日飛車
    發行日 2018-03-14