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    Cinderella Liberty (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 專輯封面

    歌名Nice To Be Around - Vocal 歌手名 John Williams

    作詞 Paul Hamilton Williams/John Williams
    作曲 Paul Hamilton Williams/John Williams


    Hello such a simple way to start a love affair Should I jump right in and say how much I care Would you take me for a mad man or a simple hearted clown Hello with affection from a sentimental fool To a little girl who's broken of every rule One who brings me up when all the others seem to let me down One whose nice to be around Should I say that it's a blue world without you Nice words I remember from an old love song But all wrong, cause I never called it love before This feeling's new - this came with you And I know that the nicest things that never seem to last That we're both a bit embarrassed by our past But I think there's something special in the feelings that we've found And you're nice to be around And you're nice to be around