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    Palo Santo (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名Here 歌手名 Years & Years

    作詞 Olly Alexander
    作曲 Olly Alexander


    You take a week, all the time that you need Shattering glass and a lover or three Oh, baby, you're so independent You're on the drug of a Gemini cusp Turn it up louder, spit on that cut Oh, I won't keep you out of trouble Take it from me (I do the best that I can) Take it from me (love like it always goes bad) Take it from me (take back the life that you gave to me) I'm not here Oh, I'm not here I'm not here Oh, I'm not here


    專輯名 Palo Santo (Deluxe)
    歌手名 Years & Years
    發行日 2019-02-14