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    冠軍歌王原聲帶 (Kara King OST) 專輯封面

    歌名卡拉新村 Kampung Kara 歌手名 黃明志


    If you want to learn Karaoke Welcome you visit Kampung Kara Many Sifu many different style You pay money and they will let you try Yes I want to learn Karaoke So I'm here visit Kampung Kara Here got Five flowers six doors de style I hope Sifu can keep me as tou dai I don't think you can try (you can't try) Five sound not full dek so zai (dek so zai) Don't waste money donate to chee zai (慈濟) At least people say thank you bye bye I believe I can try (you don't try) Me also donate to chee zai (慈濟) (to chee zai) Don't look me down don't say Kanasai One day I will success make you cry (One day I will singing in Shanghai) La la la la la la... (La la la la la la...) La la la la la la... (La la la la la la.. .)