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    三毒史 專輯封面

    歌名他界之門 歌手名 椎名林檎

    作詞 Sheena Ringo
    作曲 Sheena Ringo


    It is neither dark here nor light I see a faint soft white, white, white Lacking all gradation Could such a source of light even exist? I'm alone, this I know No time flows, smell iron everywhere May be close or far from A crawling mass jagged and black, black, black Qualities are unclear So will it be tangible when it's here? I'm alone, there's no doubt No body, smell iron everywhere With no light, no shadow falls (There's no water or wind no) Still the two don't touch at all (fire or earth no) Both conjoin in harmony, a perfect balance ( water or fire no) Seeing broadly without eyes (And no hatred or greed no) Independently comprised Yet conjoined in harmony, a perfect balance (deluded mind no remedy there's no) I take in all of time, endless space, eternal embrace Ideation unbounded is all, there's nothing beyond I myself am the spring and have roughly everything Eternity endlessly is one, its boundaries are none Knowing neither hunger nor thirst Omnipotent in perfect ease


    專輯名 三毒史
    歌手名 椎名林檎
    發行日 2019-05-27