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    迷戀 專輯封面

    歌名大夢初醒 歌手名 孔雀眼 Jade Eyes

    作詞 令晴/廖庭毅 (Kalis)
    作曲 令晴


    吵雜的聲音 它把我叫醒 在這城市裡 我彷彿大夢初醒 不用再逞強 快回來這裡 不用再假裝 你沒有秘密 他們說如果我那時候沒有回頭 是否 我們就不會有那麼多煩惱還有愧疚 但我不想放棄你 就像白雲還有綠地 像風景或電影 快要融化的巧克力 Yeah, Cautiously optimistic Sometimes it makes us stop, sometimes it's terrifying Sometimes it's hard to put back together like missing pieces But the truth is, every new beginning tells the stories Not the ending, while you were falling In endless dreaming, live your life like you should, enjoy this journey Don't let your struggles becomes your identity Always be bold for change to make the world complete It makes you vividly picturing to what's gonna be Makes you break the wall of alienation, heal the weak We deliver the message just to build the bridge For the strength, for body and soul, mentality Yours truly, this energy, get lifted When you're too busy to love then you'll have no time to hate Let's elevate the humanity to a better place One for all, all for one, all I'm saying is, Namaste. 不用再假裝 你沒有秘密 不用再逞強 快回來這裡 我們都沒有回家 我們不再去想明天該怎麼樣 (Tryna stay awake, that's why we stay away from it.)


    專輯名 迷戀
    發行日 2017-07-31