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    Blowout Comb 專輯封面

    歌名The Art Of Easing 歌手名 Digable Planets

    作曲 Digable Planets/Jason Mizell


    Smooth Smooth Beyond the Beyond the Automatic, systematic Automatic Complex Just ease it in The feeling's right The music's tight Departing out of Crooklyn, type Saturday night The gear the god was rocking type way out of sight Limping past the projects Seen my man, a'ight Steelo type fat, solar type facts Later for milk and honey, get the money out this piece Relax I handle streets, all type slick Just like a seven no ??? She got moist Cause I gots the platinum voice Like syrup, for delf roaming, the New York boroughs As they temp our perms, plus I ride the iron worms Uptown across down, from the boogie with no faking Ghetto to my marrow, then Ease on back to Crooklyn Hold it, as loot in my timbs and army suits Parlayin where Malcolm stood, now brothers push they blow out A slicker nigga pig, dig me picking my fucking 'fro out Limping up the one tree fives The p-jects The eject these herbs That's word to green herb Now the curbs I play that like, primo supreme hustler Nappy hair, oil slick, loyal to kick and dirty snare Little panther Answers to the nom de plum butter Nice, preciser rubber, slicer and cutter In a freshly dip state, I contemplate Whose avenue be making the most bacon? My honey gets the loot out, what's shaking We getting live, dreaming being in the central ave. bus stop Then I call bust out, wassup? Seems that the dream team's me, Mecca the god, and Sulaiman If your beats is phatty And it's on Then I'm gone Hey, hey, hey Easin in as slick as I can You know my motions, slimmer with no limo I ride the c local, and tilt my army brimmer Milt bless the vibes, pro symbolize Built with the fives, my clique then amplified Sounds as we ease, beneath the New York moon Pounds as we dip, increase these New York tunes It's the universe I have Nappy and happy, June 12th, I self don't say that exists Imported on the ships, with irons around the fist Gradual to afros, black cats, and fist picks Still creating boogies, and the styles they want Now they try to move us, for the styles we flaunt But I, seen it sunny, plus seen rain Plus seen my moneys getting smoked for change I face left in the round up Pound up the god When the devil Blow to the essence Sinks deep down into the blue train cover The real got surreal cause we feel you ain't a gangster When I was a youngster ate jazz and black Freedom had a pistol it was just like that Old earth gave me kisses to her coach and power records Pumas these flavors busy b mic checkin's The crown says I'm down, from the ground up But what if emcee comes Come on, emcee go Easin in as slick as I can The feelings right The music's tight Departing out of Crooklyn, type Saturday night The gear the god was rocking type way out of sight Limping past the projects See my man, a'ight When the mic check counts My amounts is cash I don't shoot out I get that loot out cause I'm fresh Hit you with the gold front grin, with diamond look Muhammad made em, Nikki paid him I was shook I tell an emcee in a eye blink That you wack as crack Cee-know got my back And we both can laugh And for example, we swift this Lifted up on luck And for complexing, like brass and brown skin We of this, built this with south boogie down Bronx Outs the clowns, in the suits With the cash I tell' em Pass the ruck, or get stuck by my comrade's badge Just like my mom and dad had it And did it Easin in as slick as I can Quiet please, quiet please Welcome to this class Black studies 700 the art of easing I'm your conductor instructor Mr. Castro Take a look at your syllabus You are required to be plushed out, and dip daily Guess, army suits, timbs, lugz, whatever Quiet please in the back, quiet please You will have two texts And finally, we are taking a field trip To the East Star Housing Projects speak perfect slang Black caeser, superfly, golden These are the images we want you portrayed in Please, could you be quiet Mr. Simmons Thank you


    專輯名 Blowout Comb
    歌手名 Digable Planets
    發行日 1994-01-01