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    The Search 專輯封面

    歌名-Interlude- 歌手名 NF

    作詞 Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt
    作曲 Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt


    My most considered, like, "successful" moment of my life Was the worst-the most depressed I've ever been. Literally feeling like I'd probably be happier if I was just dead. I got a number one on Billboard, my song is massive right now, Like I may never have a song this big again, My tour, I think every date sold out except one date. So I literally had everything that I had always dreamed of happening, And I felt-I didn't feel happy at all. And so I think what happened was I spiraled really bad, 'Cause I was like, "I'm here, and if this is it, there's gotta be more for me, 'Cause if this is it, like, it's not gonna work."


    專輯名 The Search
    歌手名 NF
    發行日 2019-07-26