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    The Search 專輯封面

    歌名WHY 歌手名 NF

    作詞 Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt/Cole Walowac
    作曲 Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt/Cole Walowac


    Too many faces, too many faces, too many faces Yeah, what's your definition of success? (ayy!) I don't trust the thoughts that come inside my head (woo!) I don't trust this thing that beats inside my chest Who I am and who I wanna be can not connect; why? Don't think I deserve it? You get no respect (woo!) I just made a couple mil', still not impressed Let You Down goes triple platinum, yeah, okay, okay, I guess (ayy!) Smile for a moment then these questions startin' to fill my head, not again! I push away the people that I love the most; why? (woo!) I don't want no one to know I'm vulnerable; why? (woo!) That makes me feel weak and so uncomfortable; why? (ayy!) Stop askin' me questions, I just wanna feel alive Until I die—this isn't Nate's flow (woo!) Just let me rhyme; I'm in disguise I'm a busy person, got no time for lies; one of a kind They don't see it; I pull out they eyes; I'm on the rise! I've been doin' this for most my life with no advice (woo!) Take my chances, I just roll the dice, do what I like As a kid, I was afraid of heights, put that aside Now I'm here and they look so surprised, well so am I, woo! They don't invite me to the parties but I still arrive Kick down the door and then I go inside Give off that "I do not belong here" vibe Then take the keys right off the counter, let's go for a ride Why do y'all look mortified? (ayy!) I keep to myself, they think I'm sorta shy, organized Let You Down's the only song you've heard of? Well then you're behind (woo!) Story time; wish that I could think like Big Sean does, but I just can't decide (aah!) If I should stick my knife inside of Pennywise I, I don't care what anybody else thinks—lies (haha!) I do not need nobody to help me—lies I kinda feel guilty 'cause I'm wealthy; why? I don't understand, it's got me questionin' like, "Why? Just tell me why"—not back to this flow Inside I feel divided Back when I ain't had a dime, but had the drive Back before I ever signed, I questioned life, like, "Who am I, man?" Woo! Nothin' to me's ever good enough I could be workin' for twenty-four hours a day and think I never did enough My life is a movie but there ain't no tellin' what you're gonna see in my cinema (no!) I wanna be great but I get it in the way of myself and I think about everything that I could never be Why do I do it though? Ayy, yeah Why you always lookin' aggravated? Not a choice, you know I had to make it When they talk about the greatest, they gon' probably never put us in the conversation Like somethin' then I gotta take it Write somethin' then I might erase it I love it, then I really hate it What's the problem, Nathan? I don't know! I know I like to preach to always be yourself (yeah) But my emotions make me feel like I am someone else Me and pride had made a pact that we don't need no help Which feels like I'm at war inside myself but I forgot the shells I hold my issues up for all to see, like show and tell A lot of people know me, but, not a lot know me well Hold my issues up for all to see, like show and tell A lot of people know me, but, they don't know me well Too many faces, too many faces, too many faces


    專輯名 The Search
    歌手名 NF
    發行日 2019-07-26