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    Pluto Projector 專輯封面

    歌名Pluto Projector 歌手名 Rex Orange County

    作詞 Alexander O'Connor/Ben Baptie
    作曲 Alexander O'Connor/Ben Baptie


    The great protector Is that what I'm supposed to be? What if all this counts for nothing Everything I thought I'd be? What if by the time I realize It's too far behind to see? Seventy-mil projector I can show you everything, yeah And we're on our way to glory Where the show won't ever end And the encore lasts forever And it's time we're due to spend Spending the years together Growing older every day (Every day) I feel at home when I'm around you And I'll gladly say again I hope the encore lasts forever Now there's time for us to spend And it's sublime with you, my friend This right here still feels like a honeymoon When you say my name, nothing's changed I'm still a boy inside my thoughts Am I meant to understand my faults? I don't think so I don't think I'm meant to understand myself Maybe you do And that's good for you Maybe in time Maybe one day I'll do the same (I'll do the same I'll do the same I'll do the same) I'll do the same as you I'll try and hold it up Soon I hope Or as soon as I'm old enough (Old enough to understand Old enough to understand) Stay forever, you know more than anyone (Yeah, whoa) And it's you that knows my darkness And you know my bedroom needs You could blast me and my secrets Because there's probably just no need


    專輯名 Pluto Projector
    發行日 2019-10-17