Part III

Part III

Isaiah Rashad



From the Garden (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

From the Garden (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

The House Is Burning



My momma see my page, said baby you a winner Now at this tender age, Lord knows that I'm finna I'm dealing with this rage, and abortions got me pent up We could all die tonight, Lord knows that I'm Look, Lord forgive me for all my bad decisions My pot of gold was never hidden underground, it was packed in a bowl With a woman by my side, couple snacks from the store Perfecting every line, shit was left from the floor My momma tell me "Get a job," but employment ain't employing us Not with my record, right stage exit Momma, I'm a king, but they pay me peasant He tell me that I'm fired and he say it so pleasant The hood under fire, local news not present They focused on Trayvon, and they focused on the President I guess it's unimportant in my residence See they never say they love you in the present tense I think I'm quitting school, I'mma be in debt And work fast food, shit I'm sorry I ain't made it yet I try to, I try to talk 'bout my problems, but that shit don't ever... Don't never fucking come out right... don't never fucking... Don't never fucking come out right when I try to Ay, was suicide from the top of the swing set Maybe I could fly but I ain't got my wings yet They tell me, "Get a job, nigga grow up, the bills still piled They don't care if you don't blow up, you dropping out of college, huh You unemployed so I know you spitting polished, huh You the first born, how you still your momma problem child? Britney was a bitch, she always said that you was selfish So go and buy your bitch, that's how you do it when you wealthy" Oh, chlamydiae, I thought you said that you was healthy I'm tryna make it big, God, they said that you would help me Say it so selfless yet pray it so selfish I'm scared to go to Hell, smoke it to the piece Piece landed me in jail, movies with a bitch Bitch pregnant as hell, I was happier in jail Devil on my shoulders, tell me no, I shouldn't get it I probably made a baby off in that Honda Civic After I dropped my baby off in that Honda Civic I probably should repeat it, I know you didn't get it
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