Big Michael

Big Michael




Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)

Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)

Own It (feat. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)




Fred Gibson/Michael Omari

Ayo, Stormzy, G, I beg you, G, release music fam' 'Cause you know what? It's gettin' me so mad, fam I heard a song by you, fuckin pussy hole Release some fuckin' music, man, fucking dickhead Big Michael And it's like Said I went mainstream, suck yo' mom Not top 2, top 1 Man must've thought I was dumb What the fuck have you lot done? (Oh my days, oh my days, oh my days) Shellings, I made juice, life gave me lemons You lil' fuck boys do my head in Henry the VIII, behead him ('Head him, 'head him) Can't tell where I'm heading Could be Glasto', could be Reading I was on the field like Bedding (Dead him, dead him, dead him, dead him) Big Mike, I'm handling my weight Big Mike, I'm standing with the greats One week, it's blinded by your grace Next week, it's bang you in your face Oh God, they love to wind me up But one by one I line them up Oh, you think you're Beckham, try your luck Big Michael's back, your time is up Alright, check this Man can't tell me 'bout stretching fivers I was on my pushback, clips and drivers I wanted to send TECs in private Dem man are cool but the rest don't like us I'm not scared of lions, bears who lie on prayers Dem pricks won't find us Man's not scare of ticks and spiders Think man's scared of sets and cyphers What you talkin' about? I'm skilled What you talkin' about? I'm real Put a fork in your mouth, I'm trill Big Mike got a house on a hill No, I'm never in the trap And, I'm never with a strap And your n***a ain't out on the field They say I'm on this, and they say I'm on that What you talkin' about? I build From the ground up Put your arms down Put your crown up Come a long way from playing pound up Ya either motivate, or go round up And the kettle cost 30 boof That's why they giving me dirty looks I don't do it for the 'Gram But I do it for my fam And I do it for the Merky books Got Westal taking up space I told my n****s rise up Guess we're just a bunch of young kings We made our city light up I turn my city right up Big Mike, who is back, your time is up Big Mike, who is back, your time is up Big Mike, who is back, your time is up Easy
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