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    Manic (Explicit) 專輯封面

    歌名Ashley 歌手名 Halsey

    作詞 Alex Young/Ashley Frangipane
    作曲 Alex Young/Ashley Frangipane


    Standing now in the mirror that I built myself And I can't remember why the decision wasn't mine But it seems I'm only clinging to an idea now Took my heart and sold it out To a vision that I wrote myself And I don't want to be somebody in America Just fighting the hysteria I only wanna die someday Someday, someday When I burst into flames I'll leave you the dust, my love Hope a bit of it will be enough To help remember the days When we came to this place I told you I'd spill my guts I left you to clean it up I'm bursting out of the Seems like now it's impossible to work this out I'm so committed to an old ghost town Is it really that strange if I always wanna change? And if only the time and space between us wasn't lonely I'd disintegrate into a thousand pieces I think I'm making a mistake But if I decide to break, who will fill the empty space? So now if I figure this out Apart from my beating heart It's a muscle but it's still not strong enough To carry the weight of the choices I've made I told you I'd ride this out It's getting harder every day somehow I'm bursting out of myself [Halsey & Kate Winslet:] (Ooh, ooh) (Ooh, ooh) Too many guys I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive I'm just a fucked up girl who's lookin' for my own piece of mind Don't assign me yours


    專輯名 Manic (Explicit)
    歌手名 Halsey
    發行日 2020-01-17