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    Meet The Woo 2 (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名Get Back 歌手名 Pop Smoke

    作詞 Yosief Tafari/Bashar Jackson
    作曲 Bashar Jackson


    Traphouse Mob Yoz, what you tellin' me? (Yeah) What you tellin' me? Yeah I got Snacks to the right of me I got Mikey to the left of me, huh, wait Woo Look, look Ayy, what up? Hold on, what they talkin' 'bout? Hey, what them folks talkin' 'bout? Huh, look, huh Buddy gon' grrt that, grrt that, brrt that, brrt that Send shots, make 'em get back All that chit-chat, chit-chat, riff-raff, riff-raff My niggas ain't into that Nigga be talkin' hot, but he ain't on shit (Woo) I got like fifty rounds up in this clip If I go to jail, nigga, I'll plead the Fifth (Uh?) 'Cause mommy still gon' love her kid Niggas tryna lock me up and give me a bid, huh? I'm like nigga, fuck the pigs The judge like, "Why you actin' like a dick?" I said, "I'm movin' like I'm Steven Vic" My lawyer like, "Poppy, why you brazen?" I said, "I pop a Perc' and feel amazin'" I shoot for the stars, I'm a foundation, huh Look at the money I'm raisin' She wanna fuck, hold on She snuck in the book, have her wait for arraignment She get dick and edible arrangements That's the only form of payment Shawty a snack And after I snack, I'ma blow out her back She like, "Poppy, you so crazy," huh I told her, "Wine on me, baby" (Woah) She want a star She wanna fuck 'cause she know who we are These hoes be dirty, ain't hittin' 'em raw When it come to hoes, I got bitches galore (Grrt) She wanna grip that, lick that, ask where the stick at Freak bitch put my dick where her lips at (Woo) She goin' all gas, no chit-chat (Ayy) She goin' all gas, no chit-chat Ayy, bah-bah-ba-bum (Bum) Here come that boy with the drum (Woo) If I pull it out, then that boy gonna run (Brrt, brrt) If he want the smoke, knock the beef out his bun, ayy I go dumb, dumb, dumb (Go dumb) Air it out, leave him slump-slump-slumped (Baow) Fuck what they say, they know that I'm gucci Pull up with a pump-pump-pump (Pop, pop, pop)