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    The Birthday Party 專輯封面

    歌名The Birthday Party 歌手名 The 1975

    作詞 George Daniel/Matthew Healy/Adam Hann/Ross MacDonald
    作曲 George Daniel/Matthew Healy/Adam Hann/Ross MacDonald


    Hello, there's a place I've been going There's a place I've been going Now I'm clean, it would seem Let's go somewhere I'll be seen As sad as it seems I seen Greg and he was like "I seen your friends at the birthday party They were kinda fucked up before it even started They were gonna go to the Pinegrove show They didn't know about all the weird stuff So they just left it" (So they just left it) I was wasted (I was wasted) And cold, minding my business Then I seen the girls and they were all like "Do you wanna come and get fucked up?" Listen, I got myself a missus, so there can't be any kissing "No, don't be a fridge, you better wise up, kid It's all Adderall now, it doesn't make you wanna do it" "This ain't going well", I thought that I was stuck in Hell In a boring conversation with a girl called Mel About her friend in Cincinnati called Matty as well You pulled away when I went in for the kiss No, it wasn't a diss You put the tap on to cover up the sound of your piss After four years, don't you think I'm over all this? "That's rich from a man who can't shit in a hotel room He's gotta share for a bit" You make a little hobby out of going to the lobby To get things that they don't have Does it go through ya when I'm talking to ya? You know that I could sue ya if we're married And you fuck up again Impress myself with stealth and bad health And my wealth and progressive causes Drink your kombucha and buy an Ed Ruscha Surely, it's a print 'cause I'm not made of it Look, the fucking state of it I came pretty late to it We can still be mates 'cause it's only a picture All your friends in one place Oh, we're a scene, whatever that means I depend on my friends to stay clean As sad as it seems As sad as it seems As sad as it seems


    專輯名 The Birthday Party
    歌手名 The 1975
    發行日 2020-02-19