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    《誰是被害者》影集原聲帶 專輯封面

    歌名White Horse - Netflix原創影集<誰是被害者>插曲 (演唱人:邵豪 Shao Hao) 歌手名 《誰是被害者》影集原聲帶


    Waiting for a voice To wake the blue Drowning in the darkness Trying to find you Cause all I ever wanted Is for you to see my world But I I’m not getting through And I want love just like you oh~~ White horse roll forth Take me to where all of the answers lay White horse come ashore Lead this young bird safely above the waves And pull back the water show them what am I oh~~ White horse roll forth Bring me to where all of the memories fade White horse come ashore Guide this young bird to where our home was made So pull back the water Show her what am I