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    THE GOAT 專輯封面

    歌名Go Stupid 歌手名 Polo G

    作詞 Taurus Bartlett/Michael Williams/BryTavious Chambers/Khalick Caldwell/Bryson Potts
    作曲 Taurus Bartlett/Michael Williams/BryTavious Chambers/Khalick Caldwell/Bryson Potts


    Ayy Gang, gang, gang, gang Mike WiLL Made-It Lil' Capalot, bitch, ha Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up Hit the strip after school, couldn't wait 'til I got out of class Used to stare at the clock and shit Before all of this rap shit, I was gangbangin' And doin' highspeeds on the cops and shit And I'm straight from the Chi', but I ball like a king Up in Cali' and shoot like Stojaković Keep applyin' the pressure, I go on the run It ain't no lettin' it up, ain't no stoppin' this Had to tell my little brother to chill, gotta stay in the house Come outside, he be poppin' shit You ain't heard about us, well you need to go watch the news Niggas know we be dropping shit Got the feds on my ass in the hood 'Cause they think I'm the one Who been buyin' them Glocks and shit I'm just focused on music They say my last tape was a classic But I got some hotter shit (Hotter shit) Might be rocking a show, if I'm not up the stu' Then I'm fucking this cash out Don't you know Polo G? Skinny, tall, with the dreads That lil' nigga be rappin' his ass off Yeah, I heard she got surgery Still wanna climb from the back, just to see if her ass soft Go like Harden with Rockets, we blast off Tried to throw us some bullets, but we made them fumble Like now you ain't getting that pass out Finna block, now I'm takin' my mask off Hit the gas like we racin', speed off in them foreigns And leave tire marks on the asphalt It's gonna be R.I.P. once your ass caught He like front, we knockin his cap off Another day, another chain, or a mac bowl All this ice got me freezin' like Jack Frost That boy a bitch, that's his dad fault If you play then you late, we can crash out (Let's go) When I'm up in his shit, bet his man down (Ooh) In B.O.A., I'm pullin' them bands out (Cap) D.O.A., bitch I catch your man off A rockstar from the block, I stand out Came from nothing, I fought my advance off When I hit the game with my flow niggas, ran out, fuck it (No, cap) I'm not your average Joe When I leave the house, I took it I'm rich, I don't shop with no budget My little youngins want him a bucket I hop on his bitch and run it (Uh) If I said it, I seen it and done it (Uh, uh) These lil' niggas never rob nobody Ain't caught nobody, and ain't getting no money (Cap) Where I'm from, it's sport to gunplay We adopt to the killer and dealers But even them niggas won't make it out one day I pop my first xan I been had hood fame (Yeah) Took off like I was on the runway I'm a star but still post on the one-way Them niggas talk, but they won't play We let them die, sound like the choir on Sunday Yeah, yeah Hop on this scene and I'm thuggin' Big glock on my hip so you know that I'm pushin' Catch me an opp, I'ma down him in public The police keep askin', I'm changin' the subject Know where I grew up, man, a nigga was rugged Why the fuck you got a gun? You not gonna bust it In the hundreds I'm sauce, I ain't doin' no tussin' Drip a nigga still tastin' like he David Ruffin I ain't gon' cap, I don't even like rappin' But I love wrappin' them bodies and shit Fucked the bitch, and when I get done I'ma up my glock and then rob the bitch Catch a nigga when he clock out I'ma get him wacked at his job and shit And I dont know why the police keep fucking with me 'Cause they ain't stoppin shit, yeah Spin on your block like a remix Shoot him in the face, get his teeth licked Extended clip like a broomstick Shoot a flick like Netflix Scratch an opp off the checklist I just bought a gun off Craiglist Shoot and opp in the brain, I'm leavin' the stain Only thing you see is red shit If the police behind, we keep duckin' My gun need some draws, he got nothin' Whole gang, we strapped on testos If a nigga play, he gon' get bust, yeah NLE, the Top Shotta, don dada Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh


    專輯名 THE GOAT
    歌手名 Polo G
    發行日 2020-05-15