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    No Pressure 專輯封面

    歌名No Pressure 歌手名 Logic

    作詞 Sir Robert Bryson Hall II/Gabriel Stevenson/Orson Welles
    作曲 Sir Robert Bryson Hall II/Gabriel Stevenson/Orson Welles


    Ayo, I never had a car, that's why I hate the fucking bus Took the 61 to Germantown and hear them guns bust Call it static, headphones on, it's Illmatic On my Rosa Parks in the back writin' like B Rabbit How I carry it, gimme the beat and then I'ma bury it Producin' tracks for the underground like Harriet Too alive like twins in the womb, come hither, consume All of my memories from past and present like two identities Logic fallin' off is an obscenity Top five I bet I be, steadily listening Goddamn, goddamn—conversations with people Crazy how one day the legends forget that they equal On this Under Pressure sequel we not takin' it back, we keepin' it pushin' People scared of change, but you'll find me deep in a cushion Readin' Nostradamus at 90 degrees, better believe I turn a prophet with ease Diacritical lifestyle, I'm always overseas Hurricane Bobby in the studio blowin' trees With the topic I drop it fuck around and leave 'em all concussed When I bust no thrust, world we livin' in is fucked Industry rule number 4,081 Your new shit ain't good as your old shit 'Til your new shit is your old shit, son In this sun, let me get some I wear this 24 karat solid gold rollie for my son as an heirloom Not for lookin' dope as I rhyme As a representation to give your family your time Searchin' for love in the industry you'll be let down They don't love you 'til you dead and then they call you profound That's the truth I'm close to the cliff, like Rick Dalton in the booth Money ain't the key to happiness and this the proof Modern day rappers like a golden era spoof But a few of us resurging within a second, renaissance And I know that my death give times Keepin' a legacy goin' by flowin' so involuntarily seamless Me and my team is finally reapin' what we been sowin' like a seamstress Now listen up, check it I said I live by the beat, I die by the beat, since 1990 ah I live by the beat, I die by the beat, like MPC Akai Who I name William after 'cause I get bills from these beats Fuck the industry, know we keepin' it real up in these streets Came up in a world that's off its axis All that's promised, death and taxes And a dope ass tour by L-O-G-I-C Cordae and JID, but that shit ain't free, now check it Yeah, and on that note I keep it G Like track four, kick in the door by BIG Don't believe me, look that shit up, I promise you'll find the key To that punchline, I'm feelin' just fine Let the abyss of my, my, my, my mind consume Snap my fingers like I'm Thanos and Bobby Boy bringin' the doom 'Cause I'm 630, killin' shit, hands down and dirty That white boy can't rap, he talk good and act nerdy Feelin' good yeah, I'm feelin' lovely Backyard sunset, sippin on that Bubly Ice Cube in my nightcap, it was a good day You heard what the hood say, Logic what you should play Killin' shit like OJ, I'm rhymin' like old Jay Hip-hop phenom, play arenas like I'm Coldplay All day, we get it like that, we got it, got it, all day Sinatra Nothing but peace, love, and positivity to the whole wide world RattPack, you already know what it is man BobbyBoy Records, we out this bitch (Logic) And I'm havin' a little baby Surprise, it's a little baby boy Fuck TMZ, they can't get the scoop on that shit Welcome little Bobby to the world one time Alright, I'm done That's it, yeah


    專輯名 No Pressure
    歌手名 Logic
    發行日 2020-07-24