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    No Pressure 專輯封面

    歌名5 Hooks 歌手名 Logic

    作詞 Sir Robert Bryson Hall II/Arjun Ivatury/Chazwick Bundick
    作曲 Sir Robert Bryson Hall II/Arjun Ivatury/Chazwick Bundick


    Five hooks, man Ayo, this shit only got like five hooks on it, dawg All lyricism, ho I was like, "Yo, I'm pickin' up that pen, I'm goin' fuckin' crazy" I don't give a shit, dawg Yo, we finna, ayo, ayo, fuck Raquel though, fuck that bitch It's what you all been waitin' for, ain't it? This No Pressure shit kinda got us reacquainted I'm happy you could join me in this universe I painted Such a beautiful feeling, I really can't explain it I hit the stage and like a thousand bitches fainted (Nigga, you ain't shit) Damn, that boy, he back at it again Droppin' bars when I pick up the pen, so let's begin No I.D. my mentor, but it's time for the story's end, yeah Ayy, I'm tryna do shit different now (Woo) I love this BPM, but this a different style (Woo) I never been this happy before, this a different smile Hey, yeah, this that barbecue music Life is a blessing and a curse depending how you use it Some days I'm happy, some days I'm fucked up Some days I tell the voice in my head to shut the fuck up Yeah Motivated by paper and pussy, always been a passion Whippin' that Chevrolet Impala, my speakers blasting Hungry like I'm fasting, who the illest? Just ask 'em Louis Vuitton rhyme, relevantly old-fashioned Like we (Like we), like we always do it this time, homie I go for my homie, I gots to shine, homie All I do is grind, homie, all I do is rhyme I provide for mine, homie, uh, uh, y'all know me (Yeah, yeah, y'all know me, yeah) I started with just a dollar and a dream Like Jermaine in '09, know what I mean? Fresh on the scene like a first take I dropped my first tape then felt the earth shake But let's accelerate Dropped the second tape, 2011, and now we elevate Def Jam wanna sign me, it's time to celebrate But little did I know, I had so much further to go Let's take a trip down memory lane Logic arrived and he fucked up the game, simple and plain Never scared to do it different, no two albums sound the same I got tracks with Wu Tang and 2 Chainz, Killer Mike and Gucci Mane Rap shit, trap shit, you know I do it with no shame Spit the illest yoke or flame, always go against the grain I was fly before the fame, before I could afford a plane Touch down like Notre Dame to get as high as my strain 2014 release day, I need morphine Def Jam undershipped me, now the CD on the rack RattPack had to ask 'em to unbox it in the back What the fuck is that? Honestly, it sound like a fable Fast forward, 2020, I'm the face of the label and I am Who gives a fuck about the leak when you got the well? Watch me excel, propel, then ghost the fuck out like Dave Chappelle You the illest, pray tell, I'm like God before Lucifer fell, I raised hell Had bars when I was broke 'cause I couldn't raise bail But now my bars gold 'cause I'm Wall Street, broker Money like I sell coca, livin' La Vida Loca shit That ain't a line just to flex, just to let you know you next If you put your mind to it, you can do it Trust me 'cause I been through it, now get to it, ain't nothin' to it Actually living your life is exponentially different than just being alive


    專輯名 No Pressure
    歌手名 Logic
    發行日 2020-07-24