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    Welcome My Friend 專輯封面

    歌名Misty 歌手名 Okamoto's

    作詞 オカモトショウ
    作曲 オカモトショウ/オカモトコウキ


    All my love is here to make me alone It's like some kind of a violence that's killing me slowly All my memories reflects to the 'void' They got nothing to do and just sitting on sofa Henry Charles Bukowski was drinking too much, when he write something he was using his typewriter I never met him but I think I can be his friend If I make a film about my life Who do you think will be on? And which part will you film? When I walk I look up to the windows that somebody lives There's a bar I used to go, hope it's the same Shoulders with that small tatoo, water that I bought for you The bench that we sat and smoke Misty things are all around of me Misty things are all around of me My father Scott told me he thought he will die before 30 and one day he woke up and he was 60 I only meet him once in a year Oh I guess I have to change how I live But I don't wanna accept it I don't wanna accept it Right next from the bakery, the middle of the hill road's my home I can see when the sun comes up through my room You only worn glasses when you're home, cereals that we always liked I dropped somethings on floor Misty things are all around of me Tokyo's the place for just like you and me Misty things are all around of me Misty things are all around of me


    專輯名 Welcome My Friend
    歌手名 Okamoto's
    發行日 2020-08-26