Deep Reverence

Deep Reverence

Big Sean

Detroit 2




One Man Can Change The World (feat. Kanye West & John Legend)

One Man Can Change The World (feat. Kanye West & John Legend)

Dark Sky Paradise




Rogét Chahayed/Sean Anderson/Chauncey Hollis/Ermias Asghedom/Ryan Martinez/Rafeal X. Brown/Stephen Feigenbaum


Rogét Chahayed/Sean Anderson/Chauncey Hollis/Ermias Asghedom/Ryan Martinez/Rafeal X. Brown/Stephen Feigenbaum

Hit-Boy G. Ry got me Look Fuck rap, I'm a street legend, block love me with a deep reverence I was birthed in a C-section Hella cops and police presence We got opps so we keep weapons we on y'all block while y'all eat breakfast A lot of shots, we broke street records Watch how you talk, I got reflexes, watchin' your cheap necklace Then we slide out the East exit But every time we get to fuckin' niggas up, TMZ catch it Y'all still learnin' street lessons From the mastermind, first you master grind, then your team catch it This time it’s for the money, I don't need credit And I'm the don 'cause the streets said it, look Fuck rap, I'm a street legend And I'm the don 'cause the streets said it Block love me with a deep reverence (Yeah, woah) And I'm the don 'cause the streets said it (Yeah) And I got pressure on me Seven days a week, it's game seven on me Life'll test you out, you live through that, that's testimony Givin' them hell, but how in the hell I got all these blessings on me Most of the girls I know addicted to social media All the time they put in, they could've wrote encyclopedias Mama said it only takes one time to fuck up your whole Wikipedia And as your son, I can see the type of light that you see me in After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick It wasn't even no real issues there to begin with Lack of communication and wrong information From people fueled by their ego, it's like mixin' flames with diesel Energy crazy, I realized that it's a two-way street What's comin' is goin', if it don't give you more, it drains you Should be a billionaire based on the time off I'm not takin' Probably why the shit with me get crazy and we lost a baby And everybody around me think I'm the one But we all just one of ones, and I'm walkin' out the crib They ask me where I'm goin', I told them, I'm going on another ten-year run Niggas is bangin' over blocks that they don't own, thinkin' that's home Boy, you think that's where you from You don't really know where you from You don't how deep your roots is or what your ancestors had done So, God bless all of the sons and daughters Who knew they history so they knew where to take it farther And all the ones that stuck with me like good barbers Lookin' at my life story, God's a good author Never was the loudest in the room, we move like ninjas And if it cost your peace of mind, it might be too expensive So I can't give you everything that you want from me for free though Get you one shot in life, you might not be able to reload So advanced, I need all my advances Bro hit me up for cash like we didn't have the same chances My dad hit me up like, "Why I don't live in a mansion" I'm tryna focus, but baby girl keep holdin' my mind for ransom And that ain't how it supposed to be, this man Hov got to a B And his name Shawn too, I almost felt like it was me Damn, I realized all my setbacks were inside of me In high school, I learned chemistry, biology But not how to cope with anxiety Or how I could feel like I'm by myself on an island With depression on all sides of me (Damn) With a Glock seventeen right on the side of me (Hol' up) Look, I ain't think I had the thought of suicide in me Until life showed me all these different sides of me Too many times I thought the reaper was outside for me (Ooh) And how the fuck it's people that never met me that hate me I wonder if they understand that I meditate daily And feel like my life purpose is to give inspiration Despite the hit songs that there's just no escapin' That I take care of my family and beat the odds that were deadly You hate that, that just reflects your lack of succession, bless 'em If it ain't Nipsey blue, it's Detroit blue This that Detroit 2, I'm bringin' it back to my hood like d-boys do Gone (Gone) So, the collaboration though, with Nipsey and who Aw man, I'd probably say Payroll, eh, or Tee Grizzley Me and Big Sean talked about doin' somethin' recently, too So, you know, all of them, I'ma, I'ma tap in with all of Detroit Fuck rap, I'm a street legend Block love me with a deep reverence
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