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    BORDER : DAY ONE 專輯封面

    歌名Intro : Walk the Line 歌手名 ENHYPEN



    With the rugged woods at our back we greet the sun It shines in our eyes, an azure life dwelling in breathlessness We walk the long, drawn-out line That cuts across the vast land Because the world carved us on that line Camminare sulla linea On the line, where do our footprints step to? What sky spreads at the end of it? Even if the world that unfolds is not what we are given To the unknown we run Carving sunrise, burning bright, across the world 걸어가 첫날의 태양 아래 한 걸음씩 고통은 환희로 변해 걸어가 첫날의 태양 아래 한 걸음씩 고통은 환희로 변해


    專輯名 BORDER : DAY ONE
    歌手名 ENHYPEN
    發行日 2020-11-30