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    My Own 專輯封面

    歌名My Own 歌手名 H.E.R.

    作詞 ハー/Mike "Scribz" Riley/Daniel Traynor
    作曲 ハー/Mike "Scribz" Riley/Daniel Traynor


    Said I been away too long Every time I hear that song I don't wanna hear it no more Baby, I can't take no more from you I don't wanna play no more Don't be goin' back and forth on me I be already on call Even when I know it's wrong for me Somethin', don't know, but it's somethin' I don't wanna work for somethin' knowin' it ain't worth it Oh, comin', you knew it was comin' You should know that I don't act like that without a purpose, oh, no Call me crazy, baby, you just bring it out of me (Uh) I'm tryna do better, but you ain't been helpin' me Baby, I can't help it, you know how to get to me I, I I been tryna hold my own My own, my own Ooh, baby, on my own My own, my own, ooh Don't mind me, 'cause it ain't about you (Oh) We both need space and that's all so true (Ooh) Know it's okay if you can't come through I'm savin' your place and it's all for you, oh Oh, we been waitin' too long (Yeah) I was tryna keep calm, either way, we both wrong I been waitin' on a call, ooh, I rеally wanna call you I been tryna be strong, you're the only onе I wanna talk to Oh, yeah, you just know me better And it just gets better, just let me undress ya On you, on you, 'cause I just love the feeling When you go inside it and I get excited Oh, oh Baby, you keep showin' out, but I just can't slow it down 'Cause I just want you right now, with me now Don't you keep on holdin' out, givin' me the run-around Are you just noticing now? I'm on my own My own, my own Ooh, baby, on my own My own, my own I been tryna hold my own My own, my own I'm just tryna hold my own My own, my own, yeah


    專輯名 My Own
    歌手名 H.E.R.
    發行日 2021-06-19