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    Back of My Mind 專輯封面

    歌名Lucky 歌手名 H.E.R.

    作詞 ハー/Darhyl "Hey DJ" Camper Jr.
    作曲 ハー/Darhyl "Hey DJ" Camper Jr.


    Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Lucky Lucky you belong to me You know who would kill to be Lucky I ain't intervene Lucky, yeah Lucky that I let it go Lucky I ain't on patrol You know how my petty go Lucky, uh Lucky I ain't crazy Just a little maybe Ooh, that's how you made it Don't you ever forget that you're lucky Lucky I got eyes for you Nobody could block the view You know I got options too Lucky (Lucky) That I ain't get my payback Lucky we go way back Lucky that I'm laid back It's funny, yeah It's funny now you on it I'm what you always wanted You lucky that you got it Oh, don't you ever forget that you're lucky Mmm Yeah Mmm Lucky that we more than just an interlude Lucky I spend time with you Lucky I be in the mood Lucky Lucky that I'm coming soon Feeling like a honeymoon Ooh, we better get a room (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Ooh, we better get a room (Oh) So lucky Don't ever forget, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah Lucky


    專輯名 Back of My Mind
    歌手名 H.E.R.
    發行日 2021-06-18