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    尚氣與十環傳奇 電影原聲帶 專輯封面

    歌名Run It 歌手名 88rising

    作詞 DJ Snake/SIM/Rick Ross/Brian Imanuel/Christian Dold/Marvel Comics
    作曲 DJ Snake/SIM/Rick Ross/Brian Imanuel/Christian Dold/Marvel Comics


    Uh rollin' in impalas but you too tame I ain't from the south but I appreciate the wood grain Neighbor callin' me about the noise it's only 2 man Now I'm in the same building but the floors and view changed I ain't for the waitin' now I bought a rari and I did it just to hear the sound Drive safe really boutta lose all its meaning now Guess you love to travel when I pull up man you're leaving town Say you're married to the game and I'm just here to burn the gown I got a flight in the morning I see what you been tryna do and Imma mission abort it You think I never pay attention in my mind I'm recording I'm boutta win and ruin all your goals and dreams out of boredom Ridin' around with homies like we run the city Done it Lookin' fresh and feelin' like a milli Money Move in silence you can never hear me Comin' If you got a problem when you see me Run it Run it DJ Snake Rozay Bang Tryna show you what we came to do Boss Only talkin' makin' major moves Rolls Royce, no top me No one will ever stop me Me against the world, I got my back against the wall Know I'm hell bound But I'm well now On the road to riches I could never lay around Told her don't make a sound unless she make it loud Everybody scream Everybody scream Everybody scream That's my only thing I'm a born winner A Jordan 23 All my people G's until the party ceased Run it Run it