We, now, see through the night into the quietness And drive into the street, moving on with no destination Sitting there to my left, I glance at you the side of your face, the moon was shining its light Just like, searching around within our history Like crawling carefully, combining words together one by one, I was Feeling the overflowing thoughts, all visions leading to Memories of time with you I know, starting from the day, feeling was set, deciding to live by your side Steadily, gradually all my world’s been changing Just to be stronger than I feel, and covering the weakness deep within Into my days of pretending Suddenly when you arrived into my life I saw the look deep in your eyes It taught me all that knowledge I had never knew before When there is something to protect that is the only thing I need to be stronger now than I could ever be, I found Moving in, moving in deeper into darkest of days We would meet, and soon, together, spending our time “Luring” in new days to be Full of all the comfort It was full of joy and pleasure For you are the one that was saving my soul all along now I can see Capturing a little fragment of a light it shined a bit and soon revealed Movement of falling drops of tears just like a shooting star from a life of imperfection, it’s pouring out and slowly falling down Those beautiful drops of tears Ah Even all the tenderness hiding beneath that body, large and powerful Even in that face resembling pain and sorrow I could see beauty, this, I’ve found The figure isn’t what it’s all about I finally have realized Echoing into the night, cold unforgiving sound of gunshot in the air “The fading breath, ‘evoking’ our goodbyes approaching soon” And shining for only an instant a merciless shooting star I see The wishes made upon it disappeared into the dark In the palm of my hand I felt it burning out Color of the gold, a comet of sincere true kindness Touching the gorgeous mane, so beautiful “Deep in the shadows I held tightly within my hands”



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