Summer Love

Summer Love 愛人眼睛

2019-09-29 華語/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
這首歌的歌詞源自一篇我寫的故事,故事沒有結尾,當初寫下只是因為覺得自己的戀情為何總是在夏日結束,好像每個夏天我都在複習分離這件事情。可能是昏沈的溫度讓我逐漸想不起來我們分開的原因,我只記得戀情一開始就像前奏一般的甜,戀情結束後的痛感慢慢的消退,好像總是這樣,當下以為痛到沒辦法療好的傷,也都這樣過來了。這讓我更加傷感,會不會我的眼淚、我的痛感都來自於我過多的想像?<br /><br />夏日的戀情會灼傷人的。<br /><br />The lyrics of this song are derived from a story I wrote. The story is not over. I wrote it just because I felt that my relationship is always ending in the summer. It seems that I am reviewing this thing every summer. It may be that the temperature of faintness makes me gradually unable to think of the reason for our separation. I only remember that the love was like the prelude at the beginning. The pain after the end of the relationship slowly subsided. It seems that this is always the case. The wounds that have been treated are also coming over like this. This makes me more sad, will my tears, my pain come from my imagination?<br />Summer romance can burn people. 看更多