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    浮世擊 YELLOW

    2020-10-12 華語/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
    YELLOW首張完整專輯《浮世擊YELLOW FICTION》,曲目除了收錄先前發行的兩張EP之歌曲,分別為2018年發行的《都市病》以及2019年底釋出的《馬戲團》,也包含了最新收錄於本專輯的第三篇章《DDT》的四首新歌。以章回式敘事法結合三個獨立卻彼此牽引的寓言故事,並以非線性視角拼湊故事線條集結而成的黑色狂想詩篇。<br /><br />從專輯名稱觀之,《浮世擊》字面上分別代表:浮(腐)、世(噬)、擊。我們或可稱之為擊殺後重生,因死而生,生命的輪迴。「浮世」代表前兩章《都市病》與《馬戲團》中塵世間的奇文逸事、鄉野傳說。象徵著時間非線性和多元世界觀。「擊」則代表第三章《DDT》,為”Deep Death Taste“的縮寫,源於一著名摔角技,中文譯作「深度死亡體驗」。透過三篇章的故事結構,引領聽者開啟一段超時空漫遊,從甦醒到探索,從適應到掙扎,最後則從反抗到死亡。<br /><br />「生命自是一個迴圈,活著就是一個慢性死亡的過程,用力死去就是要你好好活著。」YELLOW以獨具個人風格的黑色幽默,與聽感刺激的暴力美學,打造充滿失真和殘響的平行音樂時空,作品色彩兼具摩登與復古,且帶有強烈律動感。揉捏Jazz、Neo-soul、Funk、Rock、R&B及前衛電子聲響。以破格的製作手法巧妙融合實驗聲響以及真實器樂的紋理。其混然天成的嗓音,時而陰柔、時而猛烈,與樂手們彼此間的對話,編織出一幅幅迷人的當代黑色狂想曲。是原始的、野性的、性感的,更是難以抗拒的聽覺響宴。<br /><br />本作品獲文化部影視及流行音樂產業局108年補助<br /><br />YELLOW's debut album, "YELLOW FICTION," is a collection of the trilogy consisting of his two previous genre-defining EPs, "URBAN DISEASE (2018)" and "CIRCUS FEVER (2019)," and the highly expected third chapter, "Deep Death Taste (DDT)" which presents four new tracks that expand the universe. The three seemingly independent yet intertwined fables are woven together by the album's episodic storytelling approach, and all the threads of this poetic dark rhapsody are twisted together in the end by the non-chronological narrative. Through these three chapters, the listeners are led to a journey of life crossing space and time, from waking up to discovering, from adapting to struggling, and from resisting to dying. "Life is a self-contained loop, and living is gradually dying. Fighting to death is living to the fullest."<br /><br />Built upon YELLOW's signature dark humor and aggressive aesthetic, the world of distorted, reverb-drenched "YELLOW FICTION" is both modern and vintage, and extremely groovy. Fusing the sounds of Jazz, Neo-Soul, Funk, Rock, R&B and Electronic music, the unorthodox production cleverly merges the experimental sounds with acoustic instruments. The diversity of the music is a perfect canvas for YELLOW's stunningly flexible voice to swing freely from delicate to growling, painting the captivating dark fantasies in his mind, a raw, primitive, and sexy odyssey. 看更多