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    trust me

    trust me sunkis 宋秉勤

    2021-04-29 華語/流行音樂
    你願不願意相信一個傻的只相信愛的人? 在sunkis的世界裡,愛就是一個簡單又執著的事。 會說的情話不多卻讓人一聽就懂, 簡單的詞彙是他的單純,舒服的聲音是他的誠懇, 開門見山的唱出自己的實話,哪怕是一種盲目也不後悔。 sunkis的聲音不強調高音穿透,還帶有著一點剛學中文的咬字, 溫暖又舒服的感覺猶如自己的個性, 在一群男生中就是屬於最好相處的那位。 在新樂園的音樂脈絡下sunkis找出了別於其他人的詮釋, 這次不煽情,一位溫暖誠懇的R&B歌手來幫大家調個味了。 In the world of sunkis, love is simple and unwavering. It is this child-like innocence along with the simplicity of his lyrics that warms your soul. sunkis’ “love can conquer all” attitude is apparent in this soft love ballad. His lyrics are sincere — he is a fool in love that never fails to believe in love, despite all the hurt he has accumulated in the past. This young American born artist moved to Taiwan to kickstart his music career and get in touch with his Asian heritage. His dedication to adapt to and understand Taiwanese culture while being authentic to his west coast American roots is what gives him his unique edge. 看更多


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