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    黑色柳丁 專輯封面

    歌名KATRINA 歌手名 陶喆

    作詞 陶吉吉
    作曲 陶吉吉


    專輯:黑色柳丁 歌曲:Katrina 作詞:陶吉吉  作曲:陶吉吉 Katrina I can't stop looking in your eyes. But my words don't come out straight. I don't know what to say. No no. On Monday I tell myself you gotta wait dave, Don't rush it. Don't anticipate. Take it slowly, It's ok. It's ok. And I just wanna a chance to know you To know the woman deep inside. Yeah Yeah And I don't wanna look back on life To see this missed opportunity. Yeah (To get to know you) Even at the risk of looking like a fool to you. On Wednesday I casually walk on by To find that you're not there. I act like I don't care. But on Friday I catch a glimpse of you I tell myself don't hesitate. You just walk up and say hello! Say hello! To know the love you have inside. Even at the risk of looking like a fool to you. Katrina will I ever know your heart?


    專輯名 黑色柳丁
    歌手名 陶喆
    發行日 2002-06-29