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    WHAT'S MY NAME 專輯封面

    歌名Torture 歌手名 MIYAVI


    作詞:雅-MIYAVI- 作曲:雅-MIYAVI-  3,2,1,Dead I'm singin' here to get rid of fear. Hope it disappears right here with the rain. But I know life is pain. not like a fairy tale. Meaningless to pray, just goin' on my way. とめどない この痛みと やりきれない 怒りと苛立ち Bleedin' from my eyes cuz of a pack of lies that binds up my mind so that I can't escape. Hey GOD, can you feel the pain you give to me? Kill me heavenly before I awake. Why you torture me? just hatin' me? Even if it's destiny, I don't run away. 夢も希望も無いエンディングの 虚しいお伽話なんて誰も見たくはない I don't wanna see I don't wanna see anymore.


    專輯名 WHAT'S MY NAME
    歌手名 MIYAVI
    發行日 2010-10-13