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    MIYAVI 專輯封面

    歌名Guard You 歌手名 MIYAVI


    作詞:MIYAVI、Dan Priddy 作曲:MIYAVI、Dan Priddy Leave you lying in your bed Black rain is in my head As the sun fills the blue sky There is danger on the horizon We can't stay to see this war So I'll move you to the shores Where You'll be so far from home Sa-ku-ra Is falling down This is the way to guard you To be far away from you I'll do anything to take away the pain that harms you And count every second til the skies are blue Now we have to face our fears It might turn our smiles to tears But we're right on the front line So for now we can't reunite I keep dreaming of the past But it just never lasts How I wish time could go back こんなにも世界は晴れてるのに 今も 心は 濡れたまま 溢れる涙は そのままでいい 目を閉じれば あの頃に 戻れるから


    專輯名 MIYAVI
    歌手名 MIYAVI
    發行日 2013-10-11