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    Time Flies...1994-2009 專輯封面

    歌名Let There Be Love 歌手名 Oasis


    Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me? Who stole the soul from the sun in a world come undone at the seams? Let there be love - Let there be love I hope the weather is calm as you sail up your heavenly stream Suspended clear in the sky are the words that we sing in our dreams Let there be love - Let there be love - Let there be love - Let there be love Come on baby blue Shake up your tired eyes The world is waiting for you May all your dreaming fill the empty sky But if it makes you happy Keep on clapping Just remember I'll be by your side And if you don't let go, it's gonna pass you by


    專輯名 Time Flies...1994-2009
    歌手名 Oasis
    發行日 2010-06-18