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    Passion 專輯封面

    歌名R U Happy Now? 歌手名 黃大煒

    作詞 黃大煒
    作曲 黃大煒


    專輯:Passion 歌曲:R U Happy Now? 作詞:黃大煒 作曲:黃大煒 I heard about chat friend Who to gave life to his hands I cann't maggiem situation I don't remeber being sad I never thought be so bad Toke is less Finnal girl to When there is no one knows to run to And there is nothing left alone Are you better now Are you free for more your diverse Are you happy now Are you on the way the freedom Can you feel the pallen He's alweys moving left with you Are you better now Are you happy now


    專輯名 Passion
    歌手名 黃大煒
    發行日 2007-03-23