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    True Blue 專輯封面

    歌名Live To Tell 歌手名 Madonna

    作詞 Madonna Pat Leonard Patrick Leonard
    作曲 Madonna Pat Leonard Patrick Leonard


    Live To Tell (Album Version) 專輯:真實的憂鬱 (True Blue) 歌曲:Live To Tell (Album Version) 作詞:Madonna、 Pat Leonard、Patrick Leonard I have a tale to tell Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well I was not ready for the fall Too blind to see the writing on the wall A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned 'till then It will burn inside of me I know where beauty lives I've seen it once I know the warm she gives The light that you could never see It shines inside you can't take that from me The truth is never far behind You kept it hidden well If I live to tell The secret I knew then Will I ever have the chance again If I ran away I'd never have the strength To go very far How would they hear the beating of my heart Will it grow cold The secret that I hide will I grow old How will they hear When will they learn How will they know


    專輯名 True Blue
    歌手名 Madonna
    發行日 1986-06-11